Healing & Transformation

Reiki energy therapy & reading

My signature approach uses energy therapy and intuitive channeling to allow your mind, body and soul to receive the healing and guidance that will allow you to feel not only supported but ready to integrate growth and change. During this session I will connect to your energy body and provide healing and harmonization through Reiki while also channelling messages from your higher self, guides and spirit allies so that I may inform you of any guidance that is coming through at the time of our session. This guidance may provide insight on what areas you may continue to work on, practices to facilitate the healing process and suggested tools necessary to make long lasting changes. This session is great for anyone looking to bring a little more energetic balance and re-harmonization into their physical, emotional and energetic bodies.
Reiki energy therapy may help on a physical level by easing ; 
fatigue | emotional unease | anxiety & stress | sleep issues | physical ailments & pain | digestive issues 
And on an emotional / spiritual level through;
grounding | releasing of stagnant energy | cord cutting | energetic cleansing | harmonizing relationship between mind, body and soul | attuning to and integrating high frequency energy | channelled and intuitive guidance 

Exchange : 60 minutes - 111$ 

Sacred soul session

Leaves Shadow

I had an unbelievable reiki session with Amanda. 
She has a beautiful and powerful gift. I felt so seen and so liberated. She was able to articulate intense things happening inwardly for me that I had not yet been able to put words to. I'm so grateful for the healing, clarity, and confidence she provided. 
- Chelsea

Sacred Soul Session

This session is a deep exploration and connection to your spirit and psyche. During this session I use psycho-spiritual counselling and intuitive channelling to create an insightful and loving container allowing us to dive in and explore your spiritual connection, personal energertics, and what resides within the spaces of your mind, body and soul. This session is for you if you would like to better understand and embody your authentic self, become aware and move past limiting beliefs, start to unpack and heal spiritual trauma, and learn & develop different practices that can be used to move towards an empowered life of connection and authenticity. 
Themes that may be explored during this session; 

Understand the process to embodying your authentic self | Remove blocks or limiting beliefs | Meet and understand the needs of your inner child | Gain clarity on your soul's desires and mission | Gain clarity about the resistance you may be feeling in your life | Better understand your thought patterns and their ties to your emotional and energetic body | Take the appropriate steps to develop a strong sense of self | Learn about and develop a personal practice / ritual to deepen your connection to intuition and higher self | Learn to work with spirit allies / guides | Receive guidance and counselling for moving through difficult times

This session may include but is not limited to using; intuitive channeling, energetic body reading, spiritual counselling, inner child work, guided meditation and visuals, soul embodiment, shadow work and other practices that I feel will serve your highest good. 
This session lasts anywhere from 60 - 75 minutes and is done by Zoom. 
Exchange : 125$