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Radical self care for the soul

  What is self care for the soul?


After many years working on my own healing and supporting / holding space for clients on their healing journey, I have come to realize that we are living in a time where we are so quick to put a band-aid on the symptoms of our dis-ease and pain that the core of what actually needs healing seems to be getting pushed further and further away. This leads us to feeling disempowered, lost and in perpetual search of the answers more than ever before.

We have learned to make coping techniques such a craft that we have forgotten what it actually feels like to be fully alive and in to live in actual harmony with nature, ourself and one another.

It is my deep belief that it is highly necessary to start addressing the core sources of our pain, trauma and disconnect so that we can actually begin to heal and remember our true nature which is one of unconditional love, peace, and connection.

Until we can actually address and work out what is causing this pain, disconnect and emotional dis-ease, can we only then truly begin to understand our personal energetics, move towards energetic mastery, connection to our soul, reverence for earth and our other than human kin. 

 Everyone has the innate ability to heal. The wisdom and knowledge we need is within reach. When we stop running away from ourselves we can start embodying our capacity for this kind of healing. We were meant to move towards this remembrance. Not away from it. 

Throughout the 90 days you will learn to ;


- feel and understand your own energetics

- feel and integrate your emotions in an honest and courageous way

- embrace and do shadow work in a supportive way

- understand and work with the needs of your inner child

- become aware of your triggers & where they are coming from

- embody your soul & soul mission

- integrate all parts of yourself

- awaken and align with your spiritual nature

- move through your emotional trauma in an embodied way 
- embody, come home to and feel safe in your body 

Immersion details;

Tier 1

  •  90 day program

  • 3 Monthly 1:1 session via Zoom (recorded)

  • Action plan with detailed steps to work on in between session (journal prompts, suggested practices, meditations etc)

  • Monthly checkin in between sessions via text or email

  • 90 day email support

  • Access to a private online community on Facebook 

  • 10% discount on 1:1 sessions for the following 3 months after the 90 days is over

Tier 2

  •  90 day program

  • 6 Bi-Weekly 1:1 session via Zoom (recorded)

  • Weekly checkin by voice messaging (voxer) or text

  • Daily support & access to me via text or audio message (voxer). 

  • Action plan with detailed steps to work on in between session (journal prompts, suggested practices, meditations etc)

  • Access to a private online community on Facebook 

  • Free access to any workshops / rituals / programs that I launch during the 90 days.

  • 10% discount on 1:1 sessions for the following 6 months after the 90 days is over

This program IS for you if you're ready to...


  • Stop endlessly searching for the answers outside of yourself

  • Embrace your authenticity & develop strong sense of self

  • Develop and learn to trust your intuition

  • Gain awareness of limiting beliefs & patterns so that you may move past them

  • Understand your triggers and how to work past them

  • Develop a relationship with your higher self

  • Understand your personal energetics and how to work with them

  • Build better boundaries and heal from people pleasing

  • Get to know your shadow and start integrating certain disowned parts of yourself 

  • Experience transformative energy healing for the mind body & soul

  • Do the work in an effective and supportive way

  • Gain clarity in all aspects of your life 

  • Start transforming your life from the inside out

This program is NOT for you if you're not ready to...

  • Put in the time or effort to do this work

  • Move passed your limiting beliefs

  • Dive deep and start healing from the inside out

  • Trust your intuition 

  • Trust the process 

  • Respect and show up to our scheduled sessions

  • Utilize the suggested tools and ressources meant to support this process

  • Trust the power of energy alchemy, spiritual mentoring and intuitive healing 

" I had a sacred soul session with Amanda and holy smokes it was on point. Amanda has such a gift for reading between the lines and channeling energy that really reflected where I was without ever having talked to her beforehand. I highly recommend her guidance for anyone who is in the process of change or is perhaps transitioning but doesn't know where they're heading yet. Amanda can give you the insights that you need to move forward with confidence and love." 
- Noemi

Limited space available

Book your complementary discovery call to learn more and confirm if this is the right fit for you

 Hello beautiful soul, My name is Amanda. I am a spiritual truth seeker, researcher, energy alchemist, ritual facilitator and intuitive healer. My work and passions are deeply rooted in the study and practice of mysticism, energy medicine, herbalism, ritualism and holistic & intuitive healing arts. Through these practices I have learned to heal my own deeply rooted wounds and traumas from childhood and have cultivated a deep connection to my intuition and sacred gifts.
I know 
what it's like to feel stuck and to be constantly searching for answers. I've been there too. This is why I am profoundly called to the work that I do. Sharing the transformative nature of this work is my life mission and I believe it to be strongly necessary for the healing of each individual and for the collective. It is my sincerest pleasure to have the opportunity to serve and work with you.

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My session with Amanda was really special. Right off the bat I felt like she created an energetic container, almost as if we were floating in a protective egg together. Throughout the session she offered insight that was incredibly accurate and also supportive to where I’m at in my process. Her guidance was intuitive and gentle and I am grateful for the ways she affirmed me in my process as well as assisted in opening my eyes to ways I could better integrate myself and my process. I am grateful for her time, energy, and intention.

- Jenny

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the healing work of transformative self care?

Because of these rapidly changing times, I am offering this coaching container at a discounted price for a limited time only. If you would like to participate but would need to discuss payment options, please reach out by email.

Tier 1 
Discounted price: 448$ (valued at 588$)

Tier 2

Discounted price: 848$ (valued at 1088$)


Terms of agreement and disclaimer;

I, Amanda Carter am committed to supporting and working with you so that you may experience positive transformation in your life. I do this by offering you a unique experience based on learned tools in the realm of spiritual mentoring, energy work, intuitive healing, emotional coaching, rituals and other relevant tools and resources. 

I do not claim that my services will directly heal or cure your current situation. I act as a mirror for you and create the container so that you may begin to implement positive change and transformation. I therefore do not take any responsibility for decisions or actions you may take as a result of our sessions together.

While this work may be considered deeply transformative, it is not psychotherapy. If you are having difficulties in your life related to substance abuse, emotional or physical ongoing trauma, mental illness, or acute psychological distress, psychotherapy with a licensed therapist may be more appropriate for you at this time.

By participating in these sessions you consent to have read the above disclaimer and fully agree that by participating in these sessions that you are personally responsible for your life and any actions that you take during or after the participation in these sessions.

You also agree that you are fully responsible for showing up and engaging wholeheartedly in the work related to these programs. You are also aware that there are no refunds for the sessions or programs provided.