Where is our generosity coming from?

Updated: May 7

May is upon us and there is so much that I want to speak to about the themes happening this month.

Let me start off by saying that something quite profound has been coming through the last couple of days and it is the theme of generosity.

Mother's day is right around the corner (in two days as I sit down to write this), and as with any holiday I first want to point out that I recognize that not all of my readers may celebrate these kind of commercial celebrations or even resonate with them. With that in mind, bare with me as I unpack my reason for referencing it.

Regardless of our relationship with our mother, if we speak to her or not, I want us to go a little deeper and connect to the mother within us and all around us. I am speaking about our beautiful Mother Earth but also, and on an energetic / archetypal level, the energy of the divine mother. Whether we have a physical womb or not, have children or not, the energy of the divine mother resides within all of us. It is our capacity for unconditional love. To watch over, protect, and care for what is dear to us. It is our capacity for nurture and depth and holding space for the pain and sorrow of the world in tender ways.

Perhaps you had to mother yourself as a child. Perhaps you are still in that role today. Whatever the case, I hope that you are doing something nice for yourself not only on Mother's day, but every day. Whether that looks like treating yourself to something you enjoy or just by simply showing up with compassion towards yourself in that moment.

This to me, is what it is to embody the mother energy. Humbly surrendering to the process of fiercely loving ourselves and the earth. Embodying this love and allowing ourselves to soften in the arms of the energy of the Great Mother.

When we choose to offer ourselves fully to her embrace, our vulnerability is met with softness and safety. In that moment we truly understand what it means to be a child of the world.

And so is the question that I have been contemplating. As the world gets busy with finding the perfect gift for mom, where does our generosity come from?

Do you believe that offering a gift can be seen as sacred? That what you are offering holds the energy of your intention? That this energy is then being passed from you to that person creating an energetic tie to them whatever the intention may be?

I'm speaking not only about material gifts or special holidays. I mean all the ways that we make offerings to others. Through time, thoughts, prayers, gestures, gifts etc. and if we take this reflection a little further, perhaps a question to ask ourselves would be; where is this generosity coming from (what is my intention behind it)? Are we giving to others at the detriment of our own health? Needs? Desires? Are we giving to others because social conditioning has us believing that this is what is expected of us? It is an interesting theme to contemplate because if we were to truly nurture ourselves in the way of the mother, how much of this generosity would we re-evaluate or even kindly take back to stay true to our truth and soul.

This month's archetype The Medallion invites us not only to become aware of what we give to others but the energetic ties held within what we receive as well. Let's take the example of family heirlooms, big or small, passed on through generations. Are we aware of the charge that we may be accepting into our lives? Passing onto others? Like a mother who fiercely protects the boundaries of her child, selectively choosing what she allows to flow into their life.

I think it's important to also consider the place from which we share with the world. I firmly believe in giving to others from a place of alignment if we wish to truly be of service. To ourselves and to others. If our wish is to give from generosity that is aligned with the energy of the mother, it comes from a place of tender care and nurture. The mother does not give because she is looking to receive, although it is very nice to be acknowledged. She gives from a place that is anchored in her heart, a place of inexhaustible love. With that in mind, may we ask ourselves; where do our intentions lie?

I'd like to end by saying that intentional living is an art form. It takes practice, patience, awareness, but it can be said that awareness or even a willingness to look beyond what meets the physical eye is the first step. As is the energy of the season of Taurus we are currently in. Tending to our garden, our needs, anchoring ourselves in nurturing practices so that we may tap into this well of abundant love and share our gifts, in whatever form they might show up, from a place of aligned generosity, with all children of the earth.

With that being said, I extend to you an invitation into the portal of energy mastery & ritual where community and connection are at the core for inner exploration and love. Use this link to find out more and join the community.

May blessings to all,

- Amanda

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