The village within

What part of us do we need to leave behind in order to move forward? Let's be honest with one another. Growth and evolution are not always easy. Waking up to our true selves, deciding to walk our own path will not always be celebrated by the people closest to us. In fact, some may even warn us against it.

Growth happens when we gain the courage to listen to our hearts and walk away from what no longer serves us anyways. Growth also happens when we allow ourselves to be fully seen and held by the village that resonates closest to our hearts as well. When I think of growth and expansion, I think of growing into more aligned versions of ourselves. Of choosing to see how our perspectives, surroundings, and the people in our life, are influencing us. This of course, isn't always an easy pursuit but one that lends a helping hand on our evolutionary path. I love the idea of the village because within it we can sometimes feel restricted, stuck, but without it we sometimes feel alone and without the support of our people. The village to me is about the home we create within us, giving us enough clarity about the village we choose to situate ourselves in thereafter. Building up our resources over time to fully step into our sovereignty but knowing we have the support of our village when life gets a little too heavy to carry on our own.

Our village is both internal and external at the same time.

It is the space and safety we build up inside of us and outside of us. Each of them always influencing one another. The more I explore this archetype, and community all together, the more I see the extent to which we are lacking this connection to our village. Internal and external. Many of us have spent so much time hiding the parts of us that we aren't inherently proud of that when it comes time to step into the fully embodied persons we wish to become we feel cut off and isolated. Or perhaps we have spent so much time modelling ourselves to fit into the parameters of the village we grew up in that the thought of change has us questioning if change is what we even really want in the first place. If there's any one piece of wisdom I can share here though, it's to choose over growth over comfort. Always. Growth brings us closer to understanding who we truly are. It bring us closer to embodying the change we want to see in the world. To loving ourselves and others intimately.

Growth changes our perspective and allows our village to expand and hold us in new ways. I want to share this reminder with you as well. That regardless of where we're at in this process, we shouldn't feel like we have to do it alone. Unconditional love and support doesn't mean we never ask ourselves the important questions that lead to change. Unconditionally loving ourselves and others means showing up and holding the container for the discomfort that ultimately leads to this growth.

At any given moment we can choose to stay within the confines of what is keeping us small or navigate towards the direction our soul is calling us to. At any given moment we can choose to move into a village that supports us on a deeper level. One that allows us to feel seen and held no matter what the state of our internal renovations look like.

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Journal Prompts

Do I feel supported by my community / village?

Do I feel like my village is contributing to my growth and expansion?

Am I craving something new? Something different? If so, what does this new space / community look like? Am I contributing to the growth and expansion of those in my community as well? Am I embracing change? Or am I fearful of it? What or who am I willing to let go of in order to move towards personal growth and expansion?

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