The sacred process of grief

Updated: Jun 4

I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for awhile now but kept shying away from it because of the heaviness that the word grief can hold for so many. But this process feels sacred and I want to share with you the beauty that I have discovered within it.

Grief and healing are a process. It is not linear because it can’t be.⁣

It is a deep dive into some of the most painful and profound emotions & feelings of our life. That kind of depth can not be lived through all at once. ⁣

Instead it comes in ebbs and flows. Each tide bringing with it more awareness and a deeper understanding of our ourselves. ⁣

Our strength lies in the allowing of these deep emotions to move through us in a loving way.⁣

All emotions are beautiful. Especially the ones that allow us to experience just how rich our inner realms really are. Especially the ones that allow us to break and mend our hearts so that we may become even stronger. ⁣

This process is about allowing our capacity and container for love to grow in ways we never thought possible. ⁣

Moving through grief has been teaching me so much. About emotions, the sacred process of holding space for our pain, resiliency, self soothing, but most importantly about the profound level of unconditional love that our hearts are capable of. ⁣

Love is permanent and that is why loss is so hard. ⁣

Love is not dependent on how others perceive you or by what you do. ⁣

Love is not decided by external factors and it does not just come and go. ⁣

Love is about showing up day in and day out. For yourself and for others. ⁣

It is loyal and it is accepting. ⁣

Unconditional love transcends all other fleeting bursts of joy, anger, frustration or despair. ⁣

Love is accepting that when there is pain or loss we are being invited to grow and become even stronger than we were before. ⁣

Love is also accepting that in times of grief, it is ok to feel joy. It is ok to smile and allow your heart⁣ to heal. ⁣Bravery is born here.

Love is a reminder of the true beauty and depth of our human experience. ⁣

If you are or have ever moved through some sort of loss, some sort of grieving process, I see you. ⁣

I see your strength and I see your love ✨ ⁣

- Amanda

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