Surrendering in the eye of the storm

Updated: Jun 4

As many of you know, we are in the midst of the first of two eclipse seasons of the year, a Mercury retrograde and a whole lot of other funky collective energy. It feels like a lot to hold right now and I want you to know that you're not alone. As with any eclipse or Mercury retrograde it is a time of deep reflection and this time around seems to be nothing short of a call into the deepest realms hidden within. We are being invited to let go of whatever control we think we have and instead get deeply rooted in whatever supports us most when moving through turbulent times.

No matter how far we've come on our path, no matter how much we feel like we've changed or evolved in the past year, there's a certain truth that we will all encounter in this life and it is that there are powers much stronger and wiser than us. How we receive that truth however, depends entirely on the perception of our own power and the role it plays in our life.

Let's take a moment to explore this for a second. I'd like to start off by inviting us all to acknowledge that not all battles are meant to be won. No matter how hard we want to fight. In fact it doesn't make us any much less of a hero when we step down. Knowing when to, and accepting it's time to surrender takes profound courage. By surrendering we let go of our desire to control the outcome. We allow these forces to run their course and we put our faith in what a lot of the time remains unseen.

This is the energy of the storm and the theme for our month ahead.

The archetypal storm arrives at times where it may feel the least convenient. But isn't that why it is so profound? When we have done little to prepare for it's powerful chaos it arrives ready to shake the very ground beneath us. It comes in full force and can rearrange our life in one swift and powerful blow. In the moment it can feel like life is happening to us, filling us with doubt and some pretty strong feelings about the current gusts of turbulence that are shaking us up.

Life sure has it's trials and tribulations. It's far from easy all of the time. Especially in the last year. But what if instead of fighting the storm, pushing up against its strong winds, we decided to let it run its course? Can we let go and have faith that this will put us on the path to acquiring the depth and courage needed for the next chapter in our life?

Surrender is a highly personal and internal process but we can start by seeking solace in ways that are available to us. We find comfort in the arms of those who are there to support us. We surrender by acknowledging the wise and strong powers around us, but also to those within us. By surrendering we are not deciding to lose. It has nothing to do with winning or losing. Rather we humbly accept that we can not use force to go up against what is out of our control. Instead we rest, we allow ourselves to be consoled, and we trust that we will come out of this stronger, wiser, and with an expanded heart capable of letting in more love. By giving ourselves the permission to surrender we allow ourselves to witness and listen to the hidden messages of the winds of the storm upon us. Through this witnessing often comes wisdom and strength.

May we all find the courage to step down when it is necessary, accept solace in the arms of our beloved, stand and fight when we feel strong and gain the wisdom to know what is worth fighting for. Without a doubt June is a big month. There is a lot happening around us and within us. There is a call and a need for deeper connection to ourselves and our kin (human and otherwise). To honour this call, I have built and launched a 4 week course on the art of ritual starting June 18th. This course aims to help you cultivate a deep sense of connection through ritual from an animist perspective. Together we will explore and build concrete ritual practices for every day life. Find out more HERE. I hope that you will join us <3. Be kind to yourselves & to one another.

- Amanda