February - The Starborn

The month of February is here and with it comes a renewed sense of determination and a dream like sense of inspiration. I've always considered January a sort of buffer month personally. A month of transitioning into the new year. A month that allows us to get our bearings and spend time building our vision for the months to come and therefor February has always been where the real fun starts. I say this because it is easy to get swept up in the "new year, new me" cycle of setting out of reach or misaligned intentions and goals because we are so heavily influenced by what everyone else around us is doing. What would our life look like if we only moved through it from aligned and inspired action though? This is the energy of the starborn. A card reminding us that our birth is a divine miracle and that we all have a unique path that we arrived here on this earth to pursue.

Changing our perspective of how we see and experience the world around us is the perfect place to start when embodying this archetype. Realigning with our purpose is a practise that we undeniably need to revisit from time to time. Life comes at us fast and distractions in this day and age are abundant. It is so easy to get lost in our everyday mundane tasks required to live a life of perceived stability and physical comfort. And so this archetype asks us to bring a little more of the mystical into our daily life to alleviate the mundane. Having a clear sense of our purpose, allowing it to resonate within our heart can give us a deep sense of belonging and motivation. Our purpose on earth is a question all of us ask ourselves at one time or another. We can contemplate it on both a personal and collective level for many years and still be in awe of the expansive nature of the question. For some it can stretch on forever without a concrete answer yet we all strive to feel that we are contributing to and living a life of meaning. I believe that the pursuit of the answer to this existential question can actually conjure isolation in some people though. The tendency to fill our lives with tasks and goals that provide us with a false sense of purpose can keep us from aligned action and the fulfillment of our soul's mission and dreams. Perhaps it is time for us to remember that we are all children of the stars holding within us the capacity to dream and co-create a life of flow. Pulling this card for February brings about a sense of rebirthing in a way. If we could let go of any doubts and resistance we have placed on ourselves that may be keeping us from truly connecting to our soul, what would this rebirth and renewal of ideas, visions, dreams look like? Let this be an invitation to tap into the innocence and magic you experienced as a child day dreaming about what you wanted your life to look like later on. This is the truest expression of your soul. In fact, this innocence and magic still very much and has always resided within us. It never left. We were born with this innate knowledge that we are all connected to something bigger than us. And what a perfect time for this remembrance as we move into the age of Aquarius. I invite you to take the time this month to connect to this energy. Spend some time day dreaming. Allow yourself to feel innocently excited by all of the possibilities you imagine. Remember that you too are a child of the stars connected to the divine energy all around you. Stay wild starchild. Journal prompts for this month :

  • What did I daydream about as a child?

  • What do I daydream about today?

  • What dreams / desires would I like to give birth to in my life moving forward?

  • By connecting to my heart and deeply rooting into my unique experience on this earth, what do I feel my purpose is?

  • What is keeping me from living my purpose right now?

  • How can I take small and sustainable steps towards living my purpose?

  • How would honouring my purpose make me feel? If you are feeling called to dive into your purpose on a deeper level, If you would like to start cultivating a sense of alignment and flow, If you are ready to feel embodied and empowered, I invite you to join the cosmic community newsletter. A container for exploration, healing, connection and stepping into our divine power. Cosmic community newsletter

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