"Creativity is the greatest rebellion of existence" - OSHO

We often think of creation as being heavily tied to the artistic realm but on a larger scale, creation is really all around us. We are forever and constantly creating and co-creating with the universe. Through our thoughts, energy, dreams and visions. Sometimes (maybe even often times for some) this happens on an unconscious level. But what if we made the choice to become aware and consciously create from our dreams and desires instead? How different could our life look from the reality we are currently living? This is the intoxicating energy of the CREATOR (and what a suitable monthly archetype exploration for the equally intoxicating month of July). The creator archetype , is all about bringing the non physical into the physical. From dreams, visions, ideas comes the desire to create what lights our soul on fire. This archetype forms tangible from the illusionary. Their ides are big and innovative and they want to create everlasting beauty from what resides within. To a certain degree, like most archetypes, the creator lives within all of us and this month is all about tuning into these dreams and ideas for inspired action. This can look so different to so many of us. Creation on any level takes a certain amount of inspiration, focus, drive and desire. When our blueprints are clear, the rest tends to follow seamlessly. What I really love about this archetype coming up for the month of July is that we truly are in a fiery month of solar energy that lends us a helping hand for tapping into our bright and colourful creative side. If we take a look around us, all of life is in creation mode. Nature is abundant and beautiful, the days are longer, we feel the pull to step out of our cocoon and socialize more, and what else is summer for than creating long-lasting memories?

Of coarse a monthly theme of creation would be incomplete if I didn't speak to the knowing that we all have the power of co-creating with the universe through the quality of our thoughts, intentions and energy as well. Energy flows where our attention goes and I feel like summer is the perfect time to rewrite the stories and experiences that are no longer serving us. If you follow the calendar year, July marks the 6 month point of our journey around the sun and it feels like such a natural time to review and revisit how the first half of our year has been going up until now. Personally I like to think of the creator as a scientist, artist and architect, sometimes individually or as a fusion of the three. Always ready and willing to push the boundaries and expand beyond the contsraints of whatever box we currently find ourselves in. This persona craves creation that is new, exciting and that expands the mind. I believe that achieving this is always possible when we're connected and tapped into our intuition. Each and every one of us is so unique and so can be the life we are working to create as well. What happens if we feel like we are not in moving in the direction of big dreams and creativity though? At times this means we need a stronger sense of inquiry or self awareness to shine light on all the ways that are keeping us small. Like any archetype there is always a shadow side, and the shadow of the creator can have us getting lost in perfectionism and comparison. When we compare ourselves, our happiness, successes and pursuits to those of others, we move away from creation because we move away from the free flow of inspiration and our creativity. Embodying the archetype of the creator is about moving away from letting the external world define what we should be doing and following the magical path that lies within. " A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms" - Zen shin Giving ourselves the permission to create and live a life that is authentically aligned is a work in progress. Stillness and inquiry create the expansive spaces that allow these dreams and desires to come through. This month, let us practice allowing ourselves to explore these spaces with a visionary sense of curiosity and use our ingenuity moving forward. "Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence" - Osho

Allow yourself to dream big. Through and from your heart. What resonates within your soul is where you're meant to go.

And on that rhythmic note, I have compiled some journal prompts to get our creative thoughts flowing and to help bring us into a space of inspired revision. Use them once or as many times as you'd like over the next few months. As long as the answers stay true to you. Namaste

Journal prompts

Looking back on the last 6 months, how has my year been going thus far? What would I like to see change for the remaining 6 months of the year? (Every new day is an opportunity to do something different. To see something in a new perspective. If you're feeling stuck, take a step back, change your environment to change the way you currently see things). What gets my creative juices flowing? When do I feel like I am tapped into creator/innovator/artist within? (I personally feel really tapped in when I write or dance) What canvas or space am I working with or within? If I could create anything within this space what would it be? What creative or inspirational activities allow me to think outside of the box? What have I been dreaming of lately that lights my soul on fire? If I removed any limiting beliefs around this dream, how would I go about achieving it

Want to continue the conversation and explore this month's archetype further? Come and join us over at The Cosmic Temple. A community driven space for connecting with others, exploring our unique path and finding spiritual sovereignty in every day life.

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