August energy report - The crone

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

And here we are, moving forward through our calendar year and still very much in the thick of it. No matter which system of belief we adhere to, I think that we can all agree that things are changing rapidly and it feels as if we are in for the ride of our lives. This month's energy is an interesting one and I'm really inspired to share it all with you because this month's archetype tends to stir up a little bit of controversy within ourselves. While channelling and calling in her energy I wrote a small poem that I'd like to share with you; I am both darkness & light.

I stand in this non-duality as this is my most authentic truth.

Through the flames of chaos my shadow appears. I am the crone. She is me. Death & re-birth bring forth the cycles of wisdom that run so deep that only the emergence of the wise woman shall set me free. I am not bound by my mistakes as the lens of truth & power come from my sufferings. Through a lens so clear I see only the light that pours through the cracks illuminating me back from the crossroads onto a path of knowdledge and divine wisdom. I embody the crone. All that I could possibly need resides withtin the silence and in silence you shall find me. I am safe within this space, this space is where I allow mystery to suprise me. I continue to allow the crone to emerge within me.

And so it is. Moving into this month with the wisdom of the crone. Embodying her wisdom that comes from the emotional freedom of letting all external attachments to status and beauty fade away. Throughout our life we all go through periods of death and re-birth. Just like the cycles of the seasons each year. The crone is considered the wise woman. The one that knows all and sees all through a lens so clear that only truth remains. What is our relationship with this embodiment? When our beauty fades, when everything we have built around us starts to change. When we are met with trials and tirbulations so grand that our whole universe seems to shake and crumble beneath us. Without financial security, without health, without status. Who do we become in this darkness? What is our relationship to the knowing that nothing is permanent in this life? Our truth & power lies within this space of being able to sit in the chaos and allow mystery and faith to emerge & guide us. Only once we truly surrender to our intuition and knowing can transformation begin to take place. The energy of the crone this month calls us to embody both yin & yang energies. Both feminine and masculine. Light and dark. Respecting the wisdom that comes from knowing that one can not exist without the other. Fear not what lies behind her smoky appearance. Allow yourself to sit in her darkness without all of the masks we wear when interacting with the external world. In her presence there is no need to be good or bad. Within the void she can teach us to face our own mortality and gain wisdom about the cycles of death and re-birth that we face many times in this lifetime. Call upon her to give you strength and courage to look upon and face your own fears. Surrender to the divine wisdom that each of has within ourselves. The wisdom of the crone that we gain from facing the hardest of life experiences. This month we are being called to let it all go. Let the earth beneath you get shaky. Shed as many layers as you need to to get to the very core of where your truth lies. Remove any external factors that you may be holding onto that is keeping you from this phase of darkness, of night, of silence. Emerge into the darkness of the womb and let her give you the courage to be re-born again.

As we move through this month I invite you to consider & come back to these journal prompts as often as you'd like. At the end of the month reflect back on how the answers may have changed :

Prayer to work with the crone during meditation : Start by seeing the darkness present behind closed eyelids. Visualise the harsh facial traits of the crone before you. The image of an old hag. Sit before her while looking into her dark eyes. Allow yourself to see what resides within them, within yourself. Ask the crone for the strength and courage to face your fears. To look into the darkness and see the truth. Allow yourself to embody the crone. To work with her all knowing wisdom. Ask her for the power to let go of what no longer serves you in this life and to speak your divine truth. Sit with & journal about what comes up for you during this short meditation. Come back to this mediation as often as you feel called to throughout the month. This is a time re-birth, re-emergence. To do so however, we must enter the shadow, the darkness and have the courage to see what we try and hide from ourselves in our daily lives. As always, Thank you for being a part of this community. Feel free to leave a comment about how this resonates with you right now. Wishing you all a month of wisdom, of truth, and emotional freedom. - Amanda xo

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