Setting boundaries is all anyone can talk about these days. And there is no doubt that there is a profound need for developing healthy boundaries. But have you every wondered, what exactly setting boundaries means? Or how to actually set and reinforce them? Or how to even know if you need better boundaries? 

Well then you've come to the right place. This Masterclass is aimed at debunking the what, why, when and how to's of boundary setting in a way that feels supportive and empowering. 

Setting boundaries does not have to feel restrictive and scary. It can be a beautiful container for self care and self exploration. 

Drop your email, grab a seat and join me for this hour long class of expansive knowledge and support


Meet Amanda

Spiritual mentor, energy alchemist and mystic. 

My goal is to guide soulful individuals back to a place of remembering their wholeness, their light, and back to a place of authentic expression. 

I built this masterclass after realising that it is a topic that is often addressed during my 1:1 sessions with clients and although we hear the term "setting boundaries" often, little is shared about the what, why, when, and how to. My hope is to debunk this mystery and to guide you along the way. 

As a "recovering people pleaser", an empath and HSP I too understand first hand the necessity and profound nature of building and reinforcing healthy boundaries.

I hope the information in this masterclass lands well and that you feel supported throughout this process.


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