The art of ritual 

Cultivate a deep sense of connection through ritual from an animist perspective

In this 4 week course we will cover the basics of what it means to use ritual as a way of connection to self, to our intuition, and to our other than human kin. We will also explore the use of ritual for attunement to specific events and energies (ie: lunar cycles, seasonal changes), for healing, and for gaining clarity in our lives.

Ritual has been a part of many cultures since the beginning of time. But what does it mean to set up a ritual practice that is aligned with where we are at on our journey while still showing reverence to the traditions that came before us?

I firmly believe that coming into loving relationship with the world around us profoundly shapes the quality of our experience on this earth. 

This mini course aims to debunk the mystery of using ritual practices for every day life while giving you concrete tools to feel confident in your personal ritual space while exploring animist honouring practices for deeper connection and reverence.

During this 4 week course we will cover topics like;

  • Attunement and intent (how to set concrete intentions for an impactful ritual)

  • Grounding & protection (creating a safe container for ritual practices)

  • Concrete and intuitive tools for setting up a ritual / ritual basics

  • Invocating / working with our other than human kin for deeper connection

  • How to show reverence and show up empathetically in ritual

  • Using ritual for personal healing and the healing of others

  • Divination tools and practices for gaining clarity

Course includes;

  • Weekly live class Friday's at 4pm est (each class will be recorded and sent out the day of for viewing at your own pace and time).

  • Weekly accompanying PDF 

  • Recorded meditations for grounding and centering

  • A community platform for continued support in between classes and to connect to others within the course (requires you to download the free Discord app)

  • 10% off 1:1 sessions with me (energy healing / spiritual mentoring)

  • Access to the summer solstice ritual (free of charge)

This course is for you if you;

  • Are craving deeper connection to yourself and to the world around you

  • Are curious about how to adopt and build ritual practices for your every day life

  • Would like to build a stronger connection to your intuition 

  • Would like to meet / build a stronger connection to your other than human kin / ancestors

  • Would like to learn concrete tools for grounding and protecting your energy on a daily basis

  • Are curious about how ritual can help you on your personal healing journey

  • Want to learn how to set clear intentions for any ritual practice

  • Want to feel deeply supported and nourished in your daily life

Sign up by June 14th and get a bonus 30 minute coaching call for added clarity & support for navigating and building your own personal ritual

Course starts Friday June 18th, 2021
Investment : 208$ CAD