Join me for this workshop on creating alignment and abundance in every day life through intention setting and energy alchemy.

Intentions and energetic alignment are like little seeds that we use to tune our frequency towards what it is we would like to experience and attract in our lives. Our psyche is so fertile. With the right tools and practices we can learn to tend to and cultivate a rich garden of flow. The practice of setting intentions helps us to get crystal clear on what it is we desire and how we want to feel in any area of our life. In fact, literally all areas of our life can benefit from this practice. 

Using vibrational energy nourishes these intentions by;
further tuning us into the frequency of our desires;
allowing us to stay focused;
reprogramming and utilizing our subconscious in a positive way;

influencing our vibration in an empowering way.

Using intentions can be simple, creative and highly effective when used from a
place of 

During this workshop we are going to learn ; 

practices to get into alignment and raising our vibration;
how to use a grounding as a tool for embodiment and clarity;
how to build 
supportive & empowering intentions;
why intentions work better than affirmations
language patterns that the subconscious mind responds to;
the difference between intentions and goals;

setting intentions for all areas of our life;
practices for soothing the conscious/ego mind when doubts arise.


Hello beautiful soul, 

My name is Amanda. I am a spiritual mentor, energy alchemist and intuitive healer. 

My work and passions are deeply rooted in the study and practice of mysticism, meditation, energy medicine, ritualism and intuitive healing arts.  

Through these many practices I have come to appreciate and cultivate a deep sense of healing & connection to my own intuition and sacred power. 

I am truly and deeply called to the work that I do. Sharing and seeing the transformative nature of this work is not only profound but I believe it to be strongly necessary for the healing of each individual and of the collective. It is my utmost pleasure to accompany you on your sacred path of exploration , transformation, healing and spiritual liberation.


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You are now on your way to intention and affirmation mastery!