Kindred soul, 


Whether you stumbled across this page through intuitive inquiry or came in search of something specific, I want you to know that you belong here.

From a deep desire to create connection and share with the world my love for mysticism, ritual and spiritual healing, came the birth of this space.

My mission is for us to find stillness, to connect to our spirit self, to nature,and to live healed, authentic and embodied lives.  


My gift is sharing this mission with you to help inspire you to find your way home, in a way that resonates and feels right to your unique path and needs.



About me

My name is Amanda (she/her).
I am a spiritual truth seeker, researcher, energy alchemist, ritual facilitator and intuitive. My work and passions are deeply rooted in the study and practice of mysticism, energy medicine, herbalism, ritualism and holistic & intuitive healing arts.

For as long as I can remember I have been a sensitive person with a rich inner life who has been drawn to exploring and understanding the unseen. I am forever fascinated by the interconnectedness of all of life and how it influences each and every one of us. This fascination has led me on a path of deep self inquiry and to learning about the many mystical and spiritual healing arts that have long existed before us.   


I am deeply called to the work that I do. Sharing the transformative nature of this work is my soul mission and gift. Through connection, inquiry, understanding, healing and embodiment I strongly believe that we can experience the harmony and love that we are meant to experience throughout our lives.  

I also strongly believe that the  knowledge we need to heal ourselves, our ancestry & the generations to come is within reach. It is a matter remembering our sacred connection, cultivating stillness and forging respectful relationships with ourselves, each other, the earth and with spirit. 

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Over the years I have studied and learned from multiple teachers that have contributed to and shaped my work and mission;

Pilates / Yoga / Yin yoga certification;
Yoga Nidra teacher training;
The foundations of intuition access with Lori Wilson;
Certified reiki master;
Healing trauma with Peter Levine;
Completed multiple herbalism courses with the Herbal Academy;
Shamanic journeying with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies;
Foundations of ritual & animist psychology with Daniel Foor;
Participated in many lectures by Shunyamurti of the Sat Yoga institute;
and have countless hours of personal studies in the realms of emotional healing, metaphysics, psycho-spirituality, empathy, personal development, mysticism and more. 


My session with Amanda was really special. Right off the bat I felt like she created an energetic container, almost as if we were floating in a protective egg together. Throughout the session she offered insight that was incredibly accurate and also supportive to where I’m at in my process. Her guidance was intuitive and gentle and I am grateful for the ways she affirmed me in my process as well as assisted in opening my eyes to ways I could better integrate myself and my process. I am grateful for her time, energy, and intention.
- Jenny